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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 1

Monday's Maths Task


Count and compare items from around your house.


Find objects and items around your house and use the vocabulary 'less than', 'more than' and 'the same' to compare them.  Then make up a word problem to go with them.


For example:  I have 5 spoons in my draw and 7 knives.  I have two more knives than spoons.


A worded problem example might be:  "How many items of cutlery do I have altogether?" or "I have twelve items of cutlery in the draw.  I take two out.  How many items are left in the draw now?"


Please remember to email any examples of pictures of work you do with your child and any pictures you don't mind being uploaded to the website.



Remember to carry out the daily tasks linked to numbers up to 50 listed at the top this page.  Then you can try this...


Today's task involves thinking of different ways we can represent numbers.  For this you need to find some objects that you have more than one of then use them to represent numbers.


For example:  A spoon represents 10.  A fork represents 1.  I have three spoons and two forks.  What number is represented?  Check out the image below to see.

Based on this example, your task today is to find different ways of representing numbers to 50.  If you take a picture and send it to me I will post it on the website.  Keep practising those maths skills!



Counting in 2s


Today's task involves counting in 2s.  Get a collection of objects from inside or outside and see if you can sort them into groups of two.  Then practice counting them in 2s.  See how much quicker it is to count up in 2s rather than 1s.


Record in your book what you had and how many groups of two it was.


For example:  I organise my Lego bricks into 9 groups of 2.  I have 18 bricks altogether.

Now try and solve this, recording the answer in your exercise book.



Hello!  Today's task is similar to yesterday's.  First practise reading and writing your numbers to 50.  Then do a bit of gem maths practise as it is test time tomorrow!


After that, we are looking at grouping and counting in 5s.  Similarly to yesterday, find things around your home or outside and group them into 5s.  Then practise counting up in 5s as far as 50.  Some of you even may even be able to go higher (we will be working on numbers to 100 shortly).


Practise writing the sequence of numbers when you count in 5s in your books or circle them on the 100 square.

Now try this problem. Send me an email with your answer.



When we are in school, Friday is Fluency Friday.  Every week we do our Gem Maths test to see if we can move up a level and some practical maths to help us learn all the addition and subtraction facts to twenty.


Your tasks today are the same.  Practice some addition and subtraction of numbers to 20 to get ready for your test.


Then do your Gem maths test (children should know what level they are on).  Get a grown up to write the questions out for you then you have three minutes to answer them all.  Remember, you are not allowed to use anything to help you during the test.


Let us know what level you attempted and what score you got.

Now try this problem. Let us know what you think the answer is and why.