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EAL group

In October 2018 we had four children join us from Italy. They are Abigail in year 6 , Donaldy in year 5, Melody in Year 4 and Davide in year 2. They are in an Eal group that is run 3 times a week by Mrs Della Rocca. Here they are learning nouns about their outside environment. (e.g.Window, Door, Roof and tree)

The Eal group were learning about all kinds of weather today. They used a spooky hand that stopped in random places and the nearest group member had to say it then act it out.

The EAL group have been learning all week about shopping. Names of items and how to ask for them. We even had shopping lists and took it in turns to buy them from the pretend shop. We used english coins and also learnt about money. As a treat and to test their shopping skills Mrs Della Rocca took The EAL group out shopping to buy fruit. They went to Hopkins bakery on Beckhampton road. Each child had £1 to spend and they had to ask for their item and pay for it. Mrs Della Rocca couldn't have been more proud. They all went back to school to enjoy the grapes and oranges (Plus two cakes that Mike from the bakery threw in.) A lovely afternoon was had by all.