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Here is Cressida Cowell reading chapter 2 of 'How to Train Your Dragon.'

There are also some photographs of the book pages for you to follow. As you are listening/reading the book, can you record as many interesting adjectives used to describe the dragons as possible?


Listen really carefully to the different descriptions provided of the dragons as this week you are going to design your own dragon and write a description for it.



Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 2, Part 1

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 2, Part 2


As you were reading Chapter 2 of 'How to Train Your Dragon' you were asked to make a list of all of the adjectives that you heard. Can you use these, as well as other adjectives that you could use to describe a dragon, to create a word bank of interesting adjectives.



Watch the BBC Bitesize videos to remind you how to use commas in a list and apostrophes to show singular possession.


Complete the following activities:





Here are some descriptions of dragons. Use these descriptions and the following website to help you design your own dragon. Once you have drawn a picture of your dragon, write a paragraph describing it, using some of the adjectives from your word bank.


Answer the following questions to help you structure your description:


What does your dragon look like?

How does your dragon behave?

What is your dragon good at?

Where does your dragon live?


Challenge: can you include commas in a list and use an apostrophe to show possession in your writing?






                              Set 1                                                                  Set 2

                              every                                                                  guard

                             pretty                                                                question

                               our                                                                    special

                              grass                                                                   heard

                              whole                                                                 suppose

                              plant                                                                   height

                            clothes                                                                 quarter

                             after                                                                  separate

                             class                                                                   grammar

                            money                                                                   straight


Can you put these words in alphabetical order?

Remember, look at the first letter of each word first to work out which letter comes first in the alphabet. If two words begin with the same letter, look at the second letter to identify the first word.


Challenge: Can you write each word 3 times in your neatest, joined up handwriting?