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Wednesday 1.7.20

Check out the overview of today's home learning below.  Hit the links for videos explaining the day's learning activities and don't forget the resource section at the bottom.


Warm up – Gem maths.  Counting up and down in 10s from different numbers up to and past 100.

FractionsFinding a Quarter of Quantities

Watch Mr Land explain how find a quarter of a quantity.    Now have a go at the questions in the maths resources section below.  Use objects to help you.


Complete the phonics lesson that is most appropriate for you.  If you are unsure, contact your teacher.

Phase 3: Revise lesson ‘or’

Phase 4: Watch Lesson 28

Phase 5: Revision Session - ‘f’ sound family with Miss Smith


Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) - has, you, love, come, some

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently.

Conjunction - But

Watch the video by hitting the link below where Miss Smith explains the conjunction but

Now you are going to try and extend the sentences you wrote yesterday using the word ‘but’.  E.g.  ‘I think the wolf is guilty but he may not be because…’

Take a break

Have a chat; listen to some music; watch a programme; read a book; go outside


Purple Mash

Complete the Purple Mash 2Do activity for the week.


Hit the link to watch the story Mrs Mole I’m Home It’s not bedtime but you can still enjoy the story at any time!

It is a story about a mole who has lost both his glasses and his sense of direction. Poor Morris Mole has had a very long day, and all he wants is to get home to Mrs. Mole and their children. Yet every time he thinks he's found home, he pops up into a different family's dinner. When all looks lost, Morris is able to find his way back by following the smell of his wife's worm noodles. YUM.


Wednesday's learning overview