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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 5- 01.02.21


We have chosen 2 stars of the week for each class as so many of you have been producing some amazing work for the past 4 weeks!



Oskar and Dylan F



Thembie and Cori-Lee

Give the oracy challenge below a go with somebody in your house!


Extra-curricular activities:


Why not try a few if the activities from the gird below? Tick them off as you go along and email your teacher what you have done.


Children's Mental Health Week:


Why not try out one of these activities?


- Draw your feelings: Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - YouTube

- Demonstrate your emotions through dance: Emotions through dance - YouTube

- How can music change the way we feel and express ourselves? Class Notes: A Journey Through Musical Emotion (Music & Meaning Part I) - YouTube

- Learn the words to this song, or one of your choice that makes you feel happy: Labrinth - Express yourself (Lyrics On Screen) - YouTube

Time to Talk Day (Thursday 4th)


Why not try one of these talking activities, with someone at home?