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Home Learning

Due to the Coronavirus lots of home learning will be taking place.  Your child will take home a home pack which includes a working book you can do the activities in, a story book to share with your child and some alphabet and numeral pencil control sheets.  Please check the website and your marvellous me as a new activity will be set daily at 9.30.  We would love to receive any photos of your child completing the activities to put on the website and to share with the children when we come back to school.  You can email us on


Also if you need any help with any of the activities or need any help or support please feel free to email us at the same email, we would be happy to help.


Extra activities you can do with your child include:

Child to practise writing their name

Learn the sounds of the alphabet

Share a book with your child and ask questions about the story

Count a group of objects up to 10

Learn to recognise the numbers 1-10

Recognise the 2D shapes including circle, square, rectangle and triangle

Learn to hold a pencil correctly

Learn to make snips in paper using a pair of scissors

Child to practise fastening their coat up