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Awe and Wonder week

I wonder would I rather live in The Stone Age or The Iron Age?



This morning, we investigated our enquiry question. We discussed timelines and how long ago The Stone Age was.


Then, we watched videos of what life would be like in The Stone Age, and then used the iPads to research our own questions about what life was like. After that, we used what we had learnt to create our own poster. 



This afternoon, we discussed how early humans did not represent numbers in the same way that we do. Then, we came up our own number system to represent the numbers 1-10. 


In The Stone Age, early humans made jewellery out of animal bones so we created our own salt-dough bones ready to put onto string to make our own bracelets.



This morning, we became hunter-gatherers and headed outside to collect some food for our evening meal. We spoke about how this might have been difficult and dangerous for early humans in The Stone Age.


Once, we gathered our food we discussed the different types of food we thought early humans might have eaten. Then, we investigated some Stone Age poo! Inside we found berries, nuts, seeds and even fish bones (dry spaghetti). It was lots of fun!


We looked at tally charts and discussed what early humans might have used tally charts for in The Stone Age. We thought about the amount of berries they might need to feed their family, the amount of animals they had hunted, and even how many weapons they might have! We used chalk to create our own tally charts on the playground. 


This afternoon, we looked at cave paintings. We spoke about the different pictures early humans might have drawn. E.g. animals they had caught, weapons they had used and pictures of food. We spoke about how early humans would have used their fingers and twigs, and would make their own paint using animal fat, water and coloured rocks. Then, we had a go at creating our own cave paintings. 



This morning we created Stonehenge silhouettes! We spoke about Stonehenge and why it was important. We even found out that it was transported over hundreds of years to where it stands today. We also had some help from some parents to create our masterpieces!


We looked at some homes that may have been around in the Neolithic period. Then, we became estate agents and tried to persuade a hunter-gatherer to purchase the house. We discussed key selling points, including; lots of space to store weapons, a fire to keep you warm, and even animal skin on the walls which would insulate the house. 


In PE this afternoon, we looked at movement and spoke about how hunter-gatherers were always on the move. We used our understanding of The Stone Age so far to create a sequence of activities and then had to guess which activities our classmates were showing. 


We used our understanding of The Stone Age diet to create a Stone Age menu! We thought of some interesting dishes, including leaf nachos, and deer leg with red berry dip. 



This morning we started to write our non-chronological report about everything we have learnt about The Stone Age. Our writing looks into; when the Stone Age started, clothing, tools, diet and houses. We are aiming to use the following buzz words in our writing; prepared, fractured and insulation. 


We found out that woolly mammoths were a big part of The Stone Age! We used empty milk bottles to create our own mammoths, and covered them in brown crepe paper, before adding eyes, tusks and ears!