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Monday 15.6.20

English- Watch the video then answer the questions

Still image for this video

After you have watched Miss Storer read the letter from Grey crayon, answer these questions: 


1. How had Duncan used the Grey crayon?


2. How does this make the crayon feel?


3. What does the crayon want Duncan to do?


4. How does the crayon try and persuade Duncan to use the crayon differently?


5. What would you do to make the Grey crayon happy?


Lesson 1 - Properties of 2D shapes. 


Watch the video and then complete the questions below:


Properties of 2D shapes


In the book The Day the Crayons Quit, the crayons are not happy at all! 


1. Can you draw a picture of something that would make you unhappy?


When we are unhappy, it can help to think of things that make us feel happy!


2. Can you draw as many things as you can think of that make you feel happy? I bet that you can fill a whole page and still think of more things! 

PE- Go Noodle