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Today we are going to review the 'ey' sound to ensure we know exactly which words we can use this 'ey' sound.  Watch the video below and have a go at some different activities. 


What would be in your suitcase? Yesterday we explored what was in Paddington's suitcase, but today you are going to make your own suitcase. In your pack is a print out of a suitcase with lots of items you might want to put in. You can also draw or stick your own items in the image of the case. You might want to see if you can pack a real suitcase or bag with items you would want. Don't forget Paddington even had marmalade and sandwiches in his suitcase so don't forget to put in everything you would want.  

English Starter 27.1.21

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Paddington | Being a Bear is Very Helpful When Cleaning Windows | Friendly Faces

When Paddington needed some extra pocket money, he used his entrepreneurial skills and washed windows for his friends and neighbours. And if they cannot affo...

Watch Miss Smith put her suitcase together

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Reviewing the 'ch' join


We are going to begin today's lesson with counting 2s and Number Sense.


For the main part of the lesson, we are going to apply what we have learned about measuring in cm using a ruler by measuring various objects and items from around our homes.


Everyday Materials - Plastic


This afternoon, you are going to be investigating the properties of plastic. For today's task, you will need to find several plastic items from around your home. Watch the video lesson where Mr Land explains.


Today, we would like you to watch 'The Gruffalo's Child'. We always enjoy these stories so make sure you join in and share it with your family.