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Morning Everyone

Today we are going to have ago at some Ryhming Strings. A Ryhming String is a set of words which all sound the same at the end of the word such as CAT,RAT,HAT,MAT. We have done some work on ryhming before but this time we want you to think of as many word that ryhme as you can for each one.


We can ryhme lots of words  but its also fun to make up some silly ones to, like Mrs Bettridge and Polly in this weeks video. They had ago at ryhming their names as well with silly words. You could have ago at this and see if you can find or make up a word to ryhme with your family members names such as SMELLY,WELLY,BELLY,JELLY


We have added a Alphablocks episode for you to watch as well to give you some more ideas and a set of Ryhming String cards for you play a snap game with. Whoever matches the most ryhming words wins!


The link to Mrs Bettridge's and Polly's video is:


The link to the Alphablocks episode is:

Today's Challenge:

If you have a printer you could print the Ryhming String cards to play our snap game. If you have a Home Learning pack you will find these in there.