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Summer 1

This half term our focus book is 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French.                                   




We have been thinking about the different types of fruit and vegetables and we looked at the vegetables which grew in Oliver's vegetables.  We thought about the vegetables which grow above and below the ground and we chose our favourites.

Week One


This week we have been thinking about gardens and we have helped to make out new reading corner into Oliver's vegetable garden. We made our own garden pictures with ladybirds,trees, flowers and ants. Our children who are getting ready for big school have also been practising writing their names.

Week Two

This week we planted our own cress seeds with Mrs Bettridge. We thought about what the seeds need to grow. We gave them plenty of water and put them in a sunny spot on the window sill.

We have been learning the sounds a and p this week in phonics. We used chalks outside to practise writing the letters. We also went on a name hunt on the playground. We are learning to recognise our names as we get ready for school! After we had found our names we wrote them using chalks.

This week also saw the return of our amazing story tent. Our tent has lots of lovely cushions in and is a peaceful area to read and share stories with our friends. We can retell our favourite storylines or predict what might happen in new stories using the pictures a guild.

Week Three

This week we have been making our own salt dough. Here is the recipe if you want to make it at home.

1 cup of salt

2 cups of plain flour

Warm water

We took it in turns to add the ingredients and then kneaded the mixture into dough. Once it was ready we used wooden letters to print our names. Next we baked the letters in the oven until they hardened. Come back later in the week to see what we did next!