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Friday 12.6.20

Financial Education Activity


Today we would like to find out how you feel if you got your money lost or stolen. Why would it make you feel this way? Can you draw how you would feel and write an explaination. 





As a warm up today, practise counting up in twos, fives and tens from various numbers within 100.  Practise counting forward then try going backward for an extra challenge.


Making Arrays Part Two


Today we are going to continue with arrays as they a really important concept and it is important that your child has a solid understanding of them. 


Firstly, see if your child can recall what they did yesterday.  Watch the video again and practise constructing some arrays.  Record the number sentences that go with them.  There is an example picture below (mine contains rows of three and four but your child on needs to deal with twos, fives and tens at the moment).



The number sentences I can derive from my array are:


3+3+3+3=12       and         4+4+4=12


Note that at the moment we are only thinking of them in terms of repeated addition and not using the multiplication symbol (3x4=12).


Make some arrays of your own and record the relevant number sentences.


Once you have done that, try these reasoning and problem solving questions linked to arrays.





Don't forget to send us pictures of your work and get in touch if you need any help with anything. 



Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) said, friend, there, where, here

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently


Activity - Can you complete and answer the questions below.

Applying statements and questions.MOV

Still image for this video

Activity - Ladybird potato stamps


Can you have a go at this fun craft based activity following the instructions.

Ladybird potato stamps - spring craft for kids | Nature Detectives

This fun and simple spring activity is great for kids of all ages. Develop motor skills and inspire a love for nature. Which other woodland creatures could y...

Phonics and Reading


We would like you to watch the phonics lessons from Letters and Sounds which are located on YouTube and also uploaded on the phonics resource and support section in the Home Learning part of the website.


We are uploading the videos from the previous week and would like you to keep checking the Phonics section each day, especially if there is a sound your child needs to work on. Please feel free to revisit this sound, as this is what we would be doing in class to consolidate understanding. 


If there are supporting activities to support the video, they will be underneath, There are also some videos using flash cards. Please have a go at saying the sounds along with Miss Smith. Make sure you are saying the pure sounds accurately. 


Don't forget to read your book everyday.