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Morning Everyone


Today we thought we enjoy a new story called A Monster Surprise. The story is set in part of a forest called The Nook. Squirrel is quite cross when he finds out his flowers have gone missing so sets off through the forest to find out who has taken them. But as he come to each of his friends he find that they all have things missing to, so they all set off together to find out whos taking their things. Follow the animals on their adventure and see if you can follow the clues to find out who is taking their foods.


The A Monster Surprise story link is below:


Who was it that took all of the food?

Why do you think they took it?

Do you think they took it to be unkind?


Have ago at the challenge sheet after you have watched the story and see if you can answer the questions.

Todays Challenge

If you have a printer at home print out our challenge sheet and give it ago, if you have a Home Learning pack you will find the sheet in there.