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'Believe to Achieve'



Today we are continuing to explore the 'igh' sound family.

We are going to recap the split 'i_e' sound. 

Watch the video and complete the activities below. 


Today we are looking a another way of writing.

Yesterday, we looked at postcards, today we are going to explore writing cards. In your pack was a card to create which said 'You Are Awesome'. Watch the video and find out exactly what your challenge is to complete today. 


Still image for this video
Recapping 'lp' and 'mp'


Time - Months of the Year


Are you ready for some maths?  Hit the link to begin with some counting and fastest finger for number sense.


For the main part of our lesson, we are going to be learning and ordering the months of year.  Hit the link for Mr Land's lesson.


Here is the link for the months of the year song if you want to practice.



It is important to stay healthy and exercise so use the links below to either join in with some Fitter Future with Mr Land, some PE with Joe or some Cosmic Yoga.






Today we are thinking about how we can be resilient in our school work.  First of all you need to think of something that you may find a bit tricky.   Next think about what you would like to get better at.  Finally, think about how you're going to improve and what you're going to do about it.  So for example, you may find handwriting tricky and you may want to get better at writing neatly on the line.  You could keep practising and trying hard to make your handwriting neater.


Today, we have a link to another page on the Year 1 Home Learning Section.

This is the Reading at Home Section - explore this section yourself to explore lots of different e-books and websites to explore.

Click the link below and it will take you to the story to watch and activities you can do once you have watched it. 


The story today is 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson