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Good morning Everyone,


Today's activity is to have a go at making  a box model train.

Draw your train design in your special book first and have a think about what you are going to use to make your train. You could use recycling materials such as bottle tops, toilet rolls, cereal boxes ,yogurt pots and cardboard. Think about how you will join each part of your train together, will you use sticky tape, glue or something else? You could finsh you train by painting if you have paints at home.

Using different types of recycled objects enables children to learn about the basic properties of everyday materials such as paper ,plastic and cardboard.


Have a think about all the different types of materials used your how are they different, could you stick them all together in the same way?

If you were going on a train ride today where would you like to go and who with? What might you see on the way? What could you do when you get there?


If you have a printer at home you could print out our Train number line to make or if you have a home learning pack you can find this in there.