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Thursday's Home Learning    

Today’s Learning. Click the link below to watch your teacher talking and writing about their favourite fruit  


Now complete this follow up activity- Discuss your favourite fruit with a grown up and write your own ‘I like…”  sentence about your favourite fruit. Draw and label a picture of your favourite fruit to go with your sentence.


Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Mrs Barron.


Now Complete this follow up activity- Think of and write your own sentence using today’s tricky words- to and the.


Click the link below to see today’s Maths Lesson taught by Miss Cantrill.



Now complete this follow up activity- Go on your own number 8 hunt around your house. Take photos of any number 8  objects that you find and email them to Mrs Barron and Miss Cantrill.  


Take a break : Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while

Additional Ideas

Take part in Joe Wick’s online PE lesson- some of your teachers will be joining in too!

Design and draw a fruit bowl for your favourite fruit.

Click the link to  play the interactive fruit splat game.

Story time : Click the link to listen to Miss Carney reading a story.