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'Believe to Achieve'


We started our time in Year 4 talking about our worries. We read the story 'Wemberly Worried' and talked about ways to overcome our fears. Then, we made our very own jitter juice to help make us feel at ease.


We also spoke about rules and routines and the children created their own class charter.


In the afternoon, we introduced our new Learning Value for Autumn 1, 'Pride.' The children thought about what it means to be proud and wrote post-it notes about what they were proud of.


We learnt about the difference between a growth and fixed mindset. We read 'The Dot,' 'The Most Magnificent Thing,' and 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and discussed how the characters in the stories demonstrated a growth mindset. The children then created leaflets informing people about the importance of having a growth mindset. In the afternoon, the children were given 1/4 of a paper plate and they designed their own section to represent them. We have since put these pieces together to show how even though we are all unique, together we become complete.

We read the story 'My Teacher is a Monster' and discussed the role of the teacher and learner. The children created a poster to show what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner.

In the afternoon, we completed a figure me out Maths activity. The children had to think of some number sentences which provided an answer to questions about them. e.g. What month were you born in? How many letters are in your name? The children then had to guess who each profile belonged to.

This morning we had a very interesting letter! The police needed our help to catch a thief. We used column addition and subtraction to crack the code to guess the suspect.


In PSHE, the children worked in small groups to develop their problem solving skills. They were told that they had been involved in a shipwreck and that they had to choose 9 items to pack in a backpack to help them.