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'Believe to Achieve'

Year 6

Year 6 Summer Term

We are now into the Summer Term; we really hope this term isn't disrupted by covid-19 and that the children in Year 6 have an enjoyable final term participating in lots of the activities that many of our previous year 6 children have.

If you have any questions regarding the final term then please speak to us directly on the playground or email to the addressed below.


Transition to Secondary School

Hopefully, with the improving covid-19 situation there will be a common transfer day for year 6 children to experience a taste of what secondary school can offer.

Please ensure that you read and save all letters that secondary schools send you. Provisionally for most secondary schools the Common Transfer Day is scheduled for Wednesday 7th July although there may be one or two schools that set their own dates.


Year 6 SATS

These have been cancelled this year. School will provide some information for secondary schools to use although it is likely that in September secondary schools will make their new year 7 pupils take assessments to help organise groupings.

Nottingham Schools Trust would like all pupils to experience sitting SATS papers so at some point in June we will carry out a set of past papers. These will be purely to inform NST about the impact of lockdown on education across the schools who are members of NST.