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We have completed the 'igh' sound family. 

Below is a revision video to watch.

Below are the spellings to practice for next week.

Please test yourself on the spellings from last Friday.  

There are also common exception words to practice.

Spellings for this week from the 'igh' sound family

Alphablocks: 'igh' sound family practice

English - Grammar

Today's grammar lesson we are exploring plurals. 

This is where we have more than one. 

Watch the video to see what your task is for today. 

Challenge - Wordsearch

There is a wordsearch in your pack, we would like you to complete this as the challenge for the end of your English lesson.  


Still image for this video
Recapping 'ng'


Fluency Friday - Counting, Number Sense, Gem Maths, Word Problem


Today is fluency Friday when you do your Gem Maths test and try to solve a challenging word problem.


Hit the link to join in counting, number sense and for Mr Land to explain the word problem.

Fluency Friday Worded Problem

There are six children sitting at a table eating lunch. Two children finish their dinner and leave the table. After that, three more come and sit down to eat their lunch.


How many children are sitting at the table now?


Purple Mash - 2Go Sunshine


For today's computing challenge, find the 2Do titled 2Go Sunshine. You need to direct the bee around the image, avoiding the clouds. Watch the video for a demonstration.



As we do each Friday, we would like you to share your favourite book with your family, sibling, teddy bear.

But this week can you read somewhere different. Maybe under your bed covers with a torch, in your garden or in front of the pretend fire below (maybe with a hot chocolate!) 

Relaxing Fireplace Sounds - Burning Fireplace & Crackling Fire Sounds (NO MUSIC)

Enjoy 12 hours of relaxing fireplace sounds! This burning fireplace features crackling fire sounds ideal for deep sleep, relaxation, meditation and study.✿ F...