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Watch Miss Finnie teach today's maths lesson




Possessive apostrophe (singular nouns) We use an apostrophe to show ownership of something. A person can own something, which is shown by an apostrophe then the letter 's'. If there are multiple people that own something, then we show this by writing the plural possession apostrophe s'.


Today focus on these words- the girl’s the child’s the man’s Ben’s Sam’s Harry’s


Cut out, or label, the events from the story and see if you can put them into chronological order. Remember chronological means in the order that they happened. So look for the first event that happened in the story and then think what happened next.

Please find a video explaining the task on the video resource centre. 




Reading - comprehension


How well do you know the people in your life? Friends and family often have things in common, but we are all unique and individual, so there might be lots of things that are different about you and the other people in your family.

It would be so boring if we were all the same. Find someone you know who you’d like to get to know even better and work through these questions together:

This activity might spark some conversations or even disagreements between you - so remember, respecting other people’s opinions is really important. Enjoy the differences and practise your skills of being polite and kind to each other.