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Headlines should be short and catchy. They are usually only a few words long. For example MAN SAVES BABY or BAMBOO BIKES IN BRITAIN. They also often include alliteration, this is where you use repetition of the same sounds at the beginning of words, like BAMBOO BIKES IN BRITAIN. 


See if you can come up with some catchy headlines for these stories!

Click here to watch Miss Barker's English video for today


Miss Finnie and Miss Barkers Group

Young, touch, double, trouble, enough, couple, tough, rough, nourish, courage, accident, accidentally, actual


Miss Moss Group

Light, night, sight, might, so, go


Click here to see Miss Finnie's maths video for today

Maths Tasks


Read chapter 3 and answer the question.

Wellbeing Task

Make up a nice song or poem about someone and read it out

Story Time with Miss Moss

Still image for this video