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'Believe to Achieve'

PSHE Focused Week

Day One

We have had a fantastic first day in Year 1. We spent a lot of time learing about our new learning value 'Pride'. We wrote things we are proud of, gave ourselves a high five when we did something we were proud of, decided how we are going to show pride this year and made a friendship web, where we said things we like about each other. We realised how this connected us and how we all fit together as one.

Friendship Web

Day Two

Today we thought more about Pride and started to discuss how to best present our work. We then began to think about ourselves and created a flag to represent our families and interests. Finally, we started to create self portraits.

Day Three

Today we thought more about ourselves and what makes us unique. We finished our amazing paper plate masks of ourselves and created a jigsaw puzzle to show how we are all unique and special.

Day Four

On our final day of this special PSHE focused week we applied all the things we had spoken about to do with Pride. We talked about ensuring our work was neat and that we didn't scribble, our letters were on the line and we used capital letters and full stops in the correct places. We took our time and did not rush to make sure our work was the best it could be. We had such a fantastic first week and cannot wait for all the amazing things we are going to learn this year.