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'Believe to Achieve'

Autumn 1

This half term our class book is

'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers

This book is full of questions and exciting information all about us and our world including animals, places and people. 

We will be exploring who we are, what we like/dislike, what makes us special and learning all about the world. 

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Autumn 1 Knowledge organiser - Art

Well we did it - we answered our I wonder question!

How can Picasso influence my self portrait? 

Take a look below and see just how we independently used our knowledge from this half term to create our self portraits!

Detective Day 

We have had such a busy day today helping to find out who had broken in to the quad! The person had violet skin, azure hair and tangerine ears. We did lots of writing to describe what he looked like, measured footprints and painted an image to help find out who they were. Amazing job everyone and duper detective work. 

Today in maths we began our exploration of length using different lengths of paper to measure long and short and height.

We have explored our sense of smell this week, smelling lots of different items and deciding if we like them or we don't. These included orange, perfume, onion, garlic and coffee!

Today we had a wonderful visit from Autumn Adventures.

This included climbing up a climbing wall, having marshmallows and popcorn on a fire pit and shooting the target in archery. We showed so much resilience, fantastic listening and had a wonderful time.  

Today we began our first published write in Year One. We used our writing from this week about the land using adjectives and wrote the sentences today focused on handwriting and presentation.

For Roald Dahl day we used Charlie and Chocolate factory and thought about the wonderful world of the sweets in the factory. We tasted some sweets and used our initial Science understanding of senses to discuss and decide what the sweets tasted like. 


'I liked the mint because it was spicy.'

'I didn't like fudge it was to sweet!'

'I loved the chocolate it was delicious and sweet'.

'The gummy was sour!'

Our art baseline - can you create a self portrait?

We began exploring our art topic looking at our I wonder question by painting a self portrait with no help! We talked about what a self portrait is and having looked at some examples, used a photograph of ourselves to draw and paint an image. Take a look and see how we did (all by ourselves!) 

Exploring the seasons in Science!