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Our phonics activity for today is exploring sounds and listening to the beat. Mrs Bettridge is using her tambourine to tap out a simple beat but in different tempos.


What do you think will happen to the sound if she hits the tambourine fast or hard?

Will it change if she taps it softly? 

Can you play your instrument or clap to your own beat?


Use your homemade instruments or claps to make up a beat that you can march, hop, jump or skip in time to.

Follow the link below to watch Mrs Bettridge's video:


In todays maths lesson we will be re looking at our more and few activities. Mrs Bettridge will be using different items at home to help us to look at what happens when we add or take things away and also use some estimation.

We will be trying to estimate which item has the most or less by looking at them, then counting them to see if you are right. During this activity we will also take a quick at how we can make our group of items the same by counting on.


Follow the link below to watch Mrs Bettridge's video:

Our story today is called Sofa dog, read by Mrs Bettrideg. The story is about a dog who lives with his human Sophie. He loves to cuddle up on his sofa just him and Sophie but today his day dont quite go to plan!