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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 1

Welcome to Week One!


Well, what a wonderful first week we have had in Year 1. We have already learnt lots of new information and have done so well settling in to the new routines. 



In English we have begun to learn about nouns and adjectives. We explored nouns for places, people, objects/items and animals, finding them around the classroom and sorting them in to the correct groups. We then explored adjectives for shape, size and colour and began to look at adding these to nouns to put them in sentences. We have been practicing our handwriting and writing in our English books for the first time! We did so well and Miss Smith, Miss Short and Mr Land were so impressed with how well we did with our writing. 


Below is our class text for this half term.

'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers

We began reading this during the week. 

Have a listen and explore the story further.

We will be exploring the book throughout this term including the vocabulary and the descriptions used throughout. 


Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers


This week we have explored numbers to 20, including how to represent them in different ways through concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. We have used tens frames, cubes, compare bears, lego and lots of different items to sort, count and compare different amounts. We explored the numerals for different amounts and were able to write numbers to 20!


This week we began explore Pablo Picasso and the idea of self portraits. We looked at a selection of information about him and a range of images, which we used to create a fact page together.  We then looked at Picasso's self portraits and explored how abstract they were. We saw that the eyes, nose, mouth and other features were in lots of different places on the face. We then had a go at creating our own face. 


This week we discussed the Southglade 'Code of Conduct' which is RESPECT. We spoke about what respect looked like in our school then in our classroom.

We then wrote our own code of conduct which supported how we can show respect each day.  

We were introduced to 'Greta Thunberg' who is our focused person for this half term. We began to explore who she was and what she did, answering some comprehension questions based on the information we read during the session.