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Morning everyone


Today we are going to revisit pattern making. Last time we looked at two colour patterns, this time we will be looking at making patterns using 3 or more objects. You can use anything you want to make your patterns such as shapes, colours, fruit or a mixer of obects such as pencil, paper, pencil..... Its up to you.

Start by making  2 object patterns to help you remember what to do and then have a go at making it a bit tricker. You could also challenge your family members to make a pattern where you choose what they have to use.

Once your finished have a go at counting how many of each objects you used, were they the same? or did you use more of some of them?


Mrs Bilan has made you a video to show you how to start your patterns, so give this a watch first and have fun making your own.

The link to Mrs Bilans video is below:

You can also visit the Topmarks link below for Pattern making games, ( type in patterns to the search bar once the site loads)

Todays Challenge:

If you have a printer at home, have ago at our Stripy Scarfs sheet, then draw your own in your book using 3 or more colours