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Life skills

Meet the Team

Hello, we are the Special Needs Assistants. We work across the whole school, from foundation stage up to year 6, with children on the SEND register. Our main focus with the children is to help meet their individual needs. This could be strategies to help them in class with their work, sensory needs, brain breaks, and calming activities. We also work on the AET Framework (Autism Education Trust Framework) this is a great way for the individual children to show progress in different areas, such as; life skills, independence, transitioning and understanding the world around them.

Emma Brookes

Hello my name is Mrs Brookes, I am the Special Needs Assistant Team leader. I have been apart of this team since 2016 at Southglade Primary school, previous to this I was a teaching assistant. I have a level 3 CACHE in Health and social care and level 3 Support Teaching and learning in schools. Since joining the team, I have done extra training courses including Autism awareness level 2, Picture Exchange Communication (PECs), RPI training, Makaton, Mental Health awareness and First Aid. From doing this training it has enabled me to grow my knowledge and understanding of the different learning difficulties the children I work with may face. I have personally made PEC folders for some of our non-verbal children to help them to communicate more effectively within school and home-life. 

Ellie Dodson

Hello my name is Miss Dodson, I have been a special Needs Assistant for four years at Southglade Primary School. I have a level 3 BTEC in Children’s Care, Learning and Development and a BA (Hons) Childhood Studies degree. Since joining the team in 2017 I have done a number of extra training courses. These include RPI training, PEC’s, Autism awareness level 1, Sensory Awareness, Autism and Anxiety, Proprioception and Mental Health Awareness. I have been able to expand my knowledge and experience whilst working at Southglade Primary School and see the positive impact this has on the children I work with.

Teresa Guest

Hello my name is Mrs Guest, I have been a Special Needs Assistant since 2013 at Southglade Primary School, previous to this I worked in the kitchen and as a mid-day supervisor. I have a level 3 support and learning in schools. Since working as a SNA I have undergone many different training opportunities, these include Makaton, Social Stories, Autism Awareness, FADs Training. All the training I have undertaken has given me the knowledge and confidence I have needed to fulfil the duties of my role. From this I have created a number of social stories to a wide range of children alongside other members of staff. These social stories help children to become more confident and familiarise themselves with routines, situations and upcoming events.

Kya-Shai Blair

Hello my name is Miss Blair, I have been a special needs assistant at Southglade Primary School for 3 years. I have worked in the childcare sector for over 6 years, specialising in Autism, Down's Syndrome and visual impairment. I have undergone training in Trauma and Attachment, Autism Awareness and Equality and Diversity.

Sarah Heath

Kimberley Danvers