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English 23.2.21

Watch Mr Pegram's teaching video which is included at the top of the page with the link.



Look at the picture below. Write down 3 sentences about it- these sentences need to have examples of parenthesis within them.

One sentence should have a pair of brackets, one sentence should have a pair of dashes and one sentence should have a pair of commas.


Main Part of Lesson

Recap on the main features that you are looking for within your report style writing. Then watch Mr Pegram complete some shared writing about his superhero and what he looks like and also what his main strengths are.

Use the key features checklist to help you.

Think back to all of the lessons we have completed writing reports (Skellig, Octosquid as well as the different examples that we have included and read)



Write your own paragraphs about:

The appearance of your superhero

The strengths of your superhero

Re-read after you have completed. You should be aiming to write at least 12 lines for each paragraph.