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Friday 26.6.20

Check out the overview of today's home learning below.  Hit the links for videos explaining the day's learning activities and don't forget the resource section at the bottom.


Warm up – Gem maths.  Counting up and down in 10s up to and past 100.

Fluency FridayGem Maths and Worded Problems

It is fluency Friday so time for your Gem Maths test.  The test are all included in the resource section below so they are easy to find.  Once you have done your test, get a grown up to check it.  If you scored 19 or 20 then congratulations!  You can move to the next level.  Once you have completed you Gem Maths have a go at the worded problems that can be found in the maths resources section.  Watch the video for the answers.


Complete the phonics lesson that is most appropriate for you.  If you are unsure, contact your teacher.

Phase 3: Revise lesson ‘oo’  

Phase 4: Watch Lesson 25  

Phase 5: Revision Session  - ‘ck’ sound family


Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) - my, here, there, where, friend

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently.

Persuasive Poster

Your task is create a poster trying to persuade someone to buy your favourite chocolate bar or sweets.   Look in the resource section for some examples of adverts then watch the video of Miss Smith creating a poster for a Kit-Kat. .  Make sure you use the persuasive language you learned about earlier in the week.  It should also be colourful and bright to get people’s attention.  Send us pictures of your wonderful posters for the website.

Take a break

Have a chat; listen to some music; watch a programme; read a book; go outside

Science -  Senses


You have learned about sight and hearing, now you are going to learn about touch.  You touch and feel with your skin.  You can tell the difference between a huge number of things.  Is it hot or cold, rough or smooth, sharp or blunt? – the list goes on.

Watch the video .  Then get your grown up to play a similar game with you.  Get them to put different things in bags so you can’t see what they are (or blindfold you) and you then put your hand in and try and guess what you touching.  Try to describe it first, seeing if you can use some good adjectives.

Send us pictures of you playing your guess what’s in the bag game for the website.


Hit the link to watch the story The Cloudspotter.

The Cloudspotter doesn't have many friends. He spends his time, all by himself, spotting not just clouds but adventures in the sky. This way, he doesn't feel so alone. Then, one day, an unexpected visitor appears in his adventures and it throws everything up in the air. Could it be that two cloudspotters are better than one?


Today's home learning overview