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Offsite Visits at Southglade

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have risk assessed that we will not be able to take children on off-sites visits during the Autumn Term. As a school we really hope that the situation regarding covid-19 will ease allowing off-site visits, sports trips and residentials to resume at some point during the academic year 2020-21.

Offsite Visits at Southglade Primary School

Southglade Primary School recognises that Outdoor Education, Learning Outside the Classroom, adventurous activity and a range of recognised sports and physical activities have, as a common thread, the intention to produce positive outcomes in terms personal and social education in addition to improved health and well-being outcomes.  Learning opportunities outdoors can provide significant opportunities for participants to engage in a distinctive experience where the measurement of learning gain is complementary and additional to the inherent personal, social and health gains.  Work that takes place outside the classroom can provide a very powerful means of developing learning in all curriculum areas, and raise attainment.




Key Information

The OVC at Southglade Primary School is Mr Kevin Pegram. It is my role to check that trips are well planned and that they will be educationally beneficial for the children that attend them. Teachers fill in information about their trips on the Evolve system- these are then authorised by myself and then subsequently by the school's headteacher- Mrs Thomas.


There are 3 types of trip:

Category A- local regular and routine

Category B- trips further afield that are within the school day

Category C- residential trips and adventurous activities


All parents provide consent for category A trips when their children begin their education at Southglade Primary School. Category B and C trips require consent for individual trips.



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