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Last week you were identifying body parts.  This week we are going to link that to our senses.  Start by thinking about these questions:


What are our senses?

What do they let us do?

What parts of our body give us each sense?


Senses is the word we give to the way our bodies interpret what is around us.


The five senses are:  Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.


Over the next few weeks we will examine each of these in turn.


We will begin with....




This week we would like you to explore the answers to these questions:


Which part of your body do you use to see with?


How do they allow you tell the difference between different things?


When can you see things?  When can't you see things?


What can we use to change the way things appear to us?


Sometimes our eyes and brains can play tricks on us and interpret what we see in surprising ways.  Here are some examples.


What can you see in the image below?  A duck or a rabbit?  Or both maybe?...



In the image below, how many legs does the elephant have?



And finally, in the image below, how many black dots can you count?  Or are there any at all?...