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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 2 (30.3.20)

Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning! Well done, you have made it to "the end of term"! Thank you for your hard work, parents and children. Later today, we will be uploading some activities for the Easter break and explain what will happen over this time, so keep an eye out on the class page.


Have a go at some of today's activities, you do not need to complete them all. You may need the internet to help you! 

Question time!

Where do you think Zoya got the dragon egg?

How did she get it to hatch?

Why has Zoya left home?

Did she tell anyone about the dragon?

What do you think she is planning to do with the dragon?

Where is she taking it?

Are there other dragons like it?

How will she feed it?

What is causing the shadow in the snow behind her?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a dragon’s egg? How big do you think it would be compared to a hen’s egg? What colour (s) would it be?


Story starter!

When the dragon had hatched, crawling out of its shell onto her bed, Zoya knew that her life would never be the same again.

She had brought the dragon far away from her village; away from the people who would hurt it and take it away from her. As she held it in her hands, feeling its claws affectionately digging into her fingers through her gloves, Zoya knew that exactly what she had to do. What they had to do. Together.

The dragon gazed at her. She could see the flames burning within its eyes. It was totally dependant on her, as a new-born child is to its mother. And yet, strangely, she felt dependant upon the dragon as well; dependant upon what it was and what it would become in time.

They would become inseparable. Their futures were entwined. Their adventures were only just beginning…

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello! There will be a choice of three different activities today: Maths, Spanish and creative writing. Remember, you don't have to complete every activity.



Learn a times table song. There are lots of different examples on YouTube e.g. 8 times table to Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'.



Sort the foods into two piles (likes and dislikes). Can you add any of your own examples?



Creative Writing

Complete one of the activities for the picture 'animal town.'


Story Starter

Most visitors are a little shocked when they arrive at Animal Town. Despite the fact that the name of the town gives a slight indication to passers-by that the inhabitants of the town are 'not normal', it's as if people don't believe things until they see them with their own eyes!


Once you get used to being in Animal Town - or so they say - seeing an orangutan behind a desk in a sheriff's office and upholding the law to an impeccably high standard becomes relatively 'normal'...


Imagine you are a visitor to Animal Town. Try to describe the experience.


Sentence challenge!

Can you use verbs and adverbs to describe what each of the animals in the picture are doing?

e.g. The zebra meanders lethargically across the road.


Improve the sentences

A lion sat on the van.

A giraffe put his head out of the window.

The zebra walked across the road.


Happy Thursday Year 4!

It's Mrs Carter here! I hope you are all well and staying safe! I miss you!

Below is a Spelling Challenge for you all. Here's what you have to do:

1. Look at the words on the list and have a go at learning them.

2. Make a list of all the prefixes and suffixes you can think of eg -ness, -pre, -tion etc

3. See how many times you can create a new word from the list using the prefixes and suffixes you know. For some, you might be able to add a prefix and a suffix at the same time.

For example: closure = disclosure, structure = unstructured

Have fun with your spelling challenge!

Mrs Carter :)

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning! Today is April Fools' Day... so we thought it would be fitting to do some activities based on this day. Just a reminder that you do not have to do ALL the activities set, you may choose 1 or 2 to try out, we give you a few ideas so that you have choice over your own learning and can choose activities YOU find enjoyable! 

(P.s. We are not suggesting you play pranks on your family members... hehe)


- Use the powerpoint, reading comprehension and your own research on the internet to find out about April Fools' Day around the world and create a poster / information booklet 


- Complete the April Fools' Dat reading comprehension (the answers are on the last page of the document so you can check your understanding at the end!) 


- Could you create a 'fake news' report based on a ridiculous event ... send it to your family members to convince them its actually happened! Example: BREAKING NEWS! The Eiffel tower has been stolen by evil trolls. 


- Use the examples to create your own April Fools' day silly poem!


- Write a list of the funniest, most ridiculous April Fools' Day pranks you can think of!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning!

There are two activities that you can complete today. The first task is a maths code breaker. Remember, to find a fraction of an amount you divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator. e.g. find 4/10 of 50
50 ÷ 10 = 5

5 x 4 - 20


Your second challenge is to write a kindness acrostic poem. Here are some examples to get you started. Afterwards, why not write an acrostic poem spelling out the name of one of your friends? Email them to us and we can share these on the website. This would be a great way to show your friends that you're thinking of them.
If you fancy something a little bit different, why not try this challenge? Can you find something in the house that begins with every letter of the alphabet? However, they must all fit onto one dinner plate.

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for another week of learning.

Today your task is based around our DT curriculum driver - cooking! Here are some ideas for you to consolidate your learning: 


- Research famous chefs and create a fact file:


- Refresh your memory of an eatwell foodplate guide, telling us what types of food are in different recipes you can find:


- Create a poster, information booklet or presentation to teach your family members about food hygiene and safety in the kitchen


- Create an information pack / instructions for carrying out different cooking skills (e.g. bridge hold cut, claw grip cut, sieving, weighing, rolling)


- Create your own cooking show for a recipe of your choice or for Auntie Doreen's dumplings: 


- Complete a product design sheet for making your own dumplings, or another meal of your choice (you could actually make this meal this week)


Happy learning!