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Tuesday 2.6.20

English - write a story.

To use this mat to help you write a story, you will need a dice. 

If you don't have a dice, you could get your grown up to pick random numbers between 1 and 6!


Your first number will tell you your key word that you need to use in your story. 

Your second number tells you where your story is set.

Your third number tells you who your main character is.

Your last number tells you a prop you need to use in your story. 


Here is an example:

I roll a 2, then a  5, then a 4, then a 6.

My key word is 'funny', my setting is the sea, my main character is a boy and my prop is a magic wand. 

I would then use these to write a silly story! 

Maths - subtraction challenges. How long does it take you to complete the challenges? Can you beat your time?

Art - flowers. Instead of using circle templates, draw around anything circular you can find in your home!