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Physical Education

PE Vision Statement

At Southglade Primary and Nursery school we believe that a high quality PE curriculum should be an integral part of the whole school curriculum. Through physical education children learn to develop important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, team work and ambition. Pupils develop fundamental skills and the competence to excel in a range of activities through a broad curriculum. The skills set learnt through sport are transferrable and add to character building. Physical education encourages children to be physically active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Children learn through a diverse PE curriculum how to live a healthy lifestyle and the impact of this on their future. Physical education at Southglade is both inclusive and progressive, children of all abilities can access the curriculum and a range of sports. We ensure children are provided with many opportunities for competition and a wide range of after school clubs. Participation in clubs and competition creates higher self-esteem and a positive attitude towards sport. Engagement in physical education leads to better concentration and academic outcomes. At Southglade we aim to enrich, enable and extend learning through physical education.

PE at Southglade



Pupils will develop basic Fundamental Movement Skills based on Agility, Balance and Coordination skills throughout the year. Pupils will be given lots of opportunities before or during their lesson period to practice and build upon these skills. Pupils will start to learn the importance of PE and why we do exercise on a regular basis. Pupils will understand the importance of respect for others and be able to collaborate effectively. Pupils will also develop and enhance their social skills.


Key Stage 1

Pupils will develop further their Fundamental Movement skills again based on Agility, Balance and Coordination. Pupils will be confident in the basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. Pupils will start to develop these skills and link them into other activities when taking part in various topics across the PE Curriculum. Pupils will be introduced into competitive activities, competing against themselves and sometimes against others.


Key Stage 2

Pupils will continue to develop Fundamental Movements Skills based on Agility, Balance and Coordination, and will use these skills to a broader range of activities that are sport specific such as Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Hockey etc… Pupils will enhance their communication and collaboration skills and will learn how to compete against others learning in the process how to win and lose, and demonstrate simple attacking and defending principles within modified small sided games. Pupils should start to develop strength, flexibility, different techniques and control and will compare their own and others performances. When comparing their own or others performances pupils will gain knowledge to identify strength and weaknesses and demonstrate how to improve.

PE Uniform

Fitter Future 


At Southglade Primary School we have started to incorporate daily exercises in the classroom to keep active and improve our fitness. Each child has a home log in and can also do Fitter Future work outs at home too! 


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The Sheriff's Challenge


We are taking part in the Sheriff's Challenge with lots of other school's across the county to run 100,000 miles. We are enjoying our daily exercises and contributing to the total mileage, it is a great initiative to be part of!