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To show that something happened in the past the verb changes in a sentence. Usually we add ‘ed’ to the verb.

BUT some verbs are irregular; we don’t add ‘ed’ and the spelling changes.


Use the irregular past tense verbs in the word box to change the verb in the sentences below. Rewrite the sentence correctly using the irregular past tense verb.


Today we are going to be sending off our Robot designs to Aunt Rose, so she can decide which one she would like to be built.

We have all shared lots of ideas and come up with ways in which our robots will help Aunt Rose to be less busy. Now it is you job to persuade Aunt Rose to choose your robot design.

Please watch the video below and look at the persuasive writing mat to help you write a letter to Aunt Rose outlining why she should pick your design.

Watch Mrs Bragg showing you how to write a persuasive letter to Aunt Rose.

Maths- Subtraction

Watch the video below and the video of Miss Storer, then have a go at the worksheet.

Maths worksheet

Maths challenge!

Love for Reading

Our book this half term is Rosie Revere Engineer is written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts.


Please watch our focus book for this half term here :



For our love for reading lesson today, we would like you to look at some other books written by Andrea Beaty-

Iggy Peck Architect

Ada Twist Scientist


Challenge: Can you design a character for Andrea Beaty's new book? Think about the job roles we have learnt this week and what names rhyme with those job roles. Draw and email in your designs to your class teacher. You could even design the front cover of her next book.


PE- Cosmic Kids Yoga