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Today we are looking at words which need a double consonant before adding the suffix -ed.

Watch Mrs Bragg's video here where she explains this rule and your work today.


Words which have one syllable, end in a consonant and have a vowel before the consonant will need their final consonant doubling before we can add the suffix -ed such as in these words:









Use the powerpoint below to remind you of this rule and complete the spelling activity attached.


This week we are learning about instructions. Yesterday we looked at the features of a set of instructions including a title, subtitle, picture, caption, adverbs, time adverbs and bullet points.


Today, just like if we were in school, we will begin learning our WAGOLL. This is an example of a set of instructions which we will learn through talk for writing. We need to learn this set on instructions inside out, so that it will be easier when we come to write our own instructions.


Watch Mrs Bragg's video here:


Below are some of the resources you will need today. If you cannot print, please draw your own talk for writing map on a piece of paper.



Today we are looking at making equal groups. 

Watch this video of Miss Storer, which might make you laugh!


Then see what you can find in your house to put into equal groups. We can't wait to see some of your ideas. 


When you have done this you can have a go at the worksheet below, and there is a challenge too. 

Maths challenge



Watch the video of Miss Storer here explaining today's science task.


Use the words from the properties word mat below to help you fill in the worksheet.