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Week Three

We explored high and low pitch this week. We explored how to create low and high pitches on different musical instruments, before having a go at making our own panpipes.

Week Two

This week we read chapter two of Horrid Henry Rocks where Henry sneaks into Moody Margaret's sleepover. We discussed how he could hear what Horrid Henry could hear from his hiding spot, using our understanding of vibrations. Then, we looked at how sound travels to our ear. We used the following vocabulary to support us; pinna, ear canal, eardrum, hammer, anvil, stirrup, cochlea, auditory nerve.

Week One

This week, we started to look at sound. We discussed how we can hear sounds, and found that sound is just vibrations. We explored this with a drum and rice to find out what happens to the rice when we hit the drum. We are also using the book Horrid Henry Rocks to support us with our understanding of sound this half term.