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Summer 2

Week 1

We have had an exciting week exploring the new areas of our classroom after the introduction to our new topic 'I wonder what is living in my garden?'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using magnifying glasses to find minibeasts in our nature tuff tray. We also had a very positive start back after half term, as we had our last merit assembly so well done to those children!

Week 2

We have had a lovely week with lots of sunshine and warm weather! The children have been busy creating Fathers Day cards ready for Sunday, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learning about the life-cycle of a caterpillar! And to end the week, we had a delicious ice pop, yum!


Week 3

We have been very lucky with the weather this week as we have been exploring Loretta's Garden to find minibeasts. The children thoroughly enjoyed searching for bugs such as Ladybirds, Spiders, Grasshoppers and Bees. We have also been making flower potions!


Week 4


After last week's exciting trip to Loretta's garden to find minibeasts, this week we focused on the other type of species you would find living in your garden... plants! The children had a go at planting either cress or flower seeds and we discussed how to take care of them. 

Week 5

The children have had a busy week with lots of exciting new things! We had our very first Sports Day where we completed four activities - egg and spoon race, bean bag race, sack race and the hurdle race! The children thoroughly enjoyed winning a medal and getting a lovely ice lolly at the end (thank you to Ellis' parents). The children have also been caring for our caterpillars which will eventually turn into a butterfly garden!