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Earth Day

Wednesday 22nd April is Earth Day.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth day!

Earth day is a day where we focus on how we can look after our planet. We can all help our planet by reducing our use of plastic, recycling and decreasing the amount of electricity we use.




Earth Day for Kids

Watch this video to learn why we celebrate Earth day!

Here are some activities you could do for Earth day:


Create some Earth day art, here are some examples:

Make a mini word. You could use lego, make buildings from cardboard and toilet roll tubes, use your imagination!

Make tin can drums. The top is a cut balloon! You could even put grains of rice or small seeds inside to make a shaker.

Earth day challenges:


- Don't use any electricity for a whole hour!

- Find 10 things you could recycle.

- Make a rainbow out of recycled materials. 

- Tell a grown up all about Earth day.

- Design a poster to put in your window all about Earth day.

- Write an Earth day poem.

- Explore the world on Google Earth or Google Maps.

- Watch a Sir David Attenborough documentary on YouTube and write down some facts that you learn.

Whatever you decide to do for Earth day, don't forget to send photos or videos to us so that we can see what you have done!