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We are going to be recapping our learning so far looking at the suffix -est.

So far we have looked at 3 rules:


Adding est

We have looked at the root words which we can just add est to. For example




If a word ends in e, we remove the e before adding est. For example





Words that end in y, we remove the y and add I. For example:





Words that have one syllable, end in a consonant and have a vowel before it, we double the consonant. For example



Have a go at this recapping task below:






This week we have been learning all about non-fiction texts. We are going to be working towards writing our own on-fiction booklet all about Castles. Before we can do that, we must do our research so that we know exactly what we are writing about.


Watch Mrs Bragg's video here-

Thursday 28.1.21 | Southglade Primary School (

Have a go at one or all of the of the research sheets below. Can you find an interesting fact? Can you highlight some key vocabulary?




Today in maths we are dividing by 2 which is the same as halving. We are dividing into 2 equal groups. We already know our doubles which will really help us today as a double is the opposite of a half! 

Watch Miss Storer's lesson below and have a go at the worksheet and challenge.