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Home Learning

It is currently Summer Week 8 - 20.07.20

Activities for children with dyslexia

Top Tips For Parents

  • Repeat these lessons over and over, we never teach a lesson once and move on: children need their learning repeated.

  • This weekly timetable of ideas should help to have some structure to your days.
  • Find ways to extend your child's learning: add a challenge word or a question or exclamation sentence.
  • On the website we will aim to put weekly maths challenges up, have a go in your yellow work book.
  • Use the front sheet of our home learning pack for ideas and areas of learning to cover.
  • For these activities you do not need a printer or reams of paper, you need the workbook and pencil provided.
  • Remember, children do not have long attention spans, pick a topic they are interested in.
  • Our usual school day is split up with short bursts of exercise, play times and a lunch hour. Take this into consideration.
  • Remember to email in your home learning pictures and we will post them on this page, this is a great way to check in on each other!

Suggested Weekly Timetable












Fractions, measurement measure and weigh, fill, empty and compare, make a tally or bar chart, tell the time, make a clock, make and draw shapes, find shapes in your house, what are their properties? Make a shape poster, look at lines of symmetry, can you create a symmetrical picture?




Grammar card and supporting activity from school website


Narrative describe a setting, scene, character, write a story


Write a book review pick a different book each week


Write instructions, a recipe, a leaflet, a poster, write about different subjects animals, transports, holidays, places, write about how to be a… (gardener, police officer, cleaner etc.), what do you want to do when you're older, write sentences using a list of adjectives, adverbs or verbs, write an animal fact file, write a fantasy story, write a biography, make a comic strip, design and write about a new planet, create an invention and write about it, draw and label a new animal (legs of a tiger, giraffe neck, elephant trunk)


You’re a journalist! What have you done this week? What were the highlights? Give your work a title as if it was front page news.



Read every day, talk about your book, design a new front cover, can you write an alternate ending, who was your favourite character and why, can you create a new character, can you summarise what happened, can you go back and look at the punctuation in your story, can you spot any adjectives?

Your Work

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