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'Believe to Achieve'


Good morning Everyone

Today's activity is to help your mummy or daddy to make a picnic lunch for all of your family to enjoy. The weather for today is looking a bit wet and rainy so you could enjoy your lunch together inside while watching a film or playing board games.


Think about what you are going to make and how many people you will be making it for. Make sure you have everything you need before you start. Remember to listen to your adult and follow their instructions if using knifes or the cooker.


What healthy foods are you going to use? Could you only eat chocolate and cake? Have a think about why its important to eat a healthy diet.


What is your favourite fruit ? what is your favourite vegetable?

Draw and label a picture of your favourite fruits and vegetables in your special book.


If you have a printer you could print off our worksheet for today which you can use to cut out your lunch box and food to make up your own lunch box. If you have a home learning pack you can find these in there.