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Music Vision Statement

At Southglade we see music as a universal language that embodies a high quality and diverse platform to foster creativity. A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. It should also increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. We want to ensure all children have the opportunity to sing and play a musical instrument with musical understanding and control including an understanding of notation, performing, listening and creating. Children should have opportunities to develop their musical skills further, inspiring them to engage in musical activities throughout their lives. Through music we want children to feel the communal bonding experience of playing and singing with others, experience the joy and satisfaction of creating their own music, develop an understanding and love of music from a wide range of cultures and traditions, to experience different genres of music throughout history and to know they have been part of the culture of Nottingham. At Southglade we provide a weekly Whole Class Ensemble Timetable (WCET) for Years 4-6 provided by Nottingham Music Hub.  Years 1-3 learn music as part of a curriculum driver. EYFS follow the Early Years Curriculum for their music provision. We also carry out a whole school singing assembly each Friday where singing skills, musical terms and techniques are taught to children from Year 1 -6. Foundation 2 attend the singing assembly in Summer 2 in preparation for transition to Key Stage 1.



At Southglade we study music in both key stages. In years 4 to 6 children are very lucky and have the opportunity of learning a brass instrument, tuaght by teachers from Nottingham Music Hub (See the link below to see who they are). They have a weekly lesson where they get to learn new pieces of music and some are lucky enough to go out to events and play with an orchestra.  Each class gets to show their musical skills through a Special Brass Assembly, see below for dates.


In years 1 to 3 children learn music as part of focussed learning in a curriculum driver.


We also have a choir that is run by Mrs Robbins who meet weekly and perform at special events throughout the year.



Friday morning is time for our singing assembly led by Mrs Carter and Mrs McCarthy.



Brass Assembly Dates

11th October 2019 Class 5H

15th November 2019 Class 5M

7th February 2020 Class 6S

20th March 2020 Class 6PS

1st May 2010 Class 4P

19th June 2010 Class 4M



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