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Good morning everyone! Today we are doing some taking away.

The link for PE Joe if you need it for your daily exercise is:


1.Todays Phonics is reception Lessn 8 which will be uploaded at 10am, or choose the lesson you are up to.


2.Challenge: Gather 10 objects that you can use as counters and have go at taking away different amounts from them e.g. 5-1, 7-3. Extension: Can you write down a number sentence to represent your taking away e.g. 4-2=2


3.Click on the link and press the green play button to take the animals away from the given number and see your answer represented on a number line.


4.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at taking away with the zoo animals.

5. Send us some photos of your work if you can.

Enjoy todays Home Learning!