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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 4

Curriculum Driver

This week, we looked at the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. We found three countries that are located in each hemisphere. In our second curriculum lesson, we looked at lines of longitude and latitude, and used this to help us find co-ordinates for migratory animals. 


In Science this week, we looked at grouping and classifying animals. We used venn diagrams and carroll diagrams to group a set of animals, and spoke about animals that are carnivores, herbivores, nocturnal, lay eggs and do not lay eggs. 


This week was our last week focusing on place value. Year 4 have tried so hard with place value and have been so successful! 


This week, we drafted and wrote up our own set of instructions on how to create a pair of bird's wings. We took our time to ensure we included every step, and some of our work even ended up on display in the hall!


In one of our PSHE lessons, we thought about what we would like to change about the world, and thought about what we would write if we were able to write a letter to our local MP. We spent another lesson thinking about random acts of kindness.