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Friday 15th January

Please watch the teaching video linked to today's activities


Opening Activities

Please list down as many coordinating (FANBOYS) and subordinating conjunctions that you can. Use a search engine if you would like to.

Then complete Purple Mash to-do activities that have been set for today. These are linked to subordinating conjunctions such as: because, when, as etc



What are the main ways in which a reader can be hooked in by a writer? List down as many as you can.

Teachers TV-Story Writing - Seven Dramatised Clips

Watch from 10.31 to get the short video we will be using today to support our written work.

Teaching Points

Discuss the video and the discussion points within the power-point. Children to create their own mini-story plan of the main parts of the video.



Children to write their opening to share with the rest of the class. Please send some in. There is no shared example today as we have been working on this style of writing for the whole of the week.

Use some of the sentence types that are included at the bottom.


You can type up your story starter on Purple Mash.