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We are continuing to think about materials and their properties this week.  Last week we thought about what would be good materials for a spaceship.


This week we are thinking about what would be good materials to make a boat out of.


What properties will the materials need?


During science lessons, we investigated the following properties in school:


hard/soft; shiny/dull; rough/smooth; bendy/not bendy;  waterproof/not waterproof; absorbent/ not absorbent; transparent/opaque.


Which of these properties will be important if you were thinking about making a boat?


Also you need to think about the density of the materials (how heavy they are for their size).


Have a go at constructing some boats out of different materials and objects you find around your home.


Make some that you think will work and some that won't.


Before you float your boat, make a prediction about whether it will float or not and why.


Send us in some pictures of your efforts.  smiley