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Good morning Everyone

Today's activity is all about our 5 senses. Our senses are our Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch. Our senses help us find out what's going on around us all the time without us even noticing. So today we are going to think about each one a bit more.

Ask your child to think about how thier senses have helped shape an experience.

How did the senses help? Was it the things their saw? The things they heard? Could they smell or taste something?

Mrs Bilan has been thinking about how she uses her senses and made us a video to watch which you can watch as well.


There are lots of games you could play to use your senses such as:


A feelie bag of objects which you have to hold the object and decide what it is without looking at it.


Blind folded food tasting- what are you eating, is it sweet, sour,spicy


Apple pie: you can play this with larger groups of family, close your eyes and listen, someone has to say Apple pie in a silly voice and you guess who it was.


We have also added a video to explain abit more about our senses below:


Mrs Bilans senses video link is below:

 Challenge activity:

 If you have a printer at home you could print out our Five senses scavenger hunt  sheet. If you have a Home Learning pack you can find this in there. Dont forget to do this inside and outside.