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Today’s Learning. Click the link below to watch Miss Cantrill Sharing her weekend news and showing you how to write a sentence about your own weekend news.


Now complete this follow up activity-Discuss what you did at the weekend with a grown up. Write a sentence about your weekend news. Draw a picture to go with it.


Click the link below to see today’s phonics lesson taught by Miss Cantrill.


Now Complete this follow up activity- If you have a printer, print out the J and V worksheets below. If not, have a go at thinking of 4 J and V words, e.g. Jam and Van. Segment and write the words down and draw a picture to go with them. .


Click the link below to see today’s Maths Lesson taught by Miss Cantrill.




Now complete this follow up activity.

Create your own repeating pattern. You could print out the pattern sheet below or have a go at making your own pattern out of objects in your house just like Miss Cantrill did!

Take a break : Play with your toys or out in the garden for a while

Additional Ideas

Take part in Joe Wick’s online PE lesson- some of your teachers will be joining in too!

Click the link to play this interactive pattern game.

Play J and V phonics eye spy around your house, what items can you see that begin with these sounds? Take a photo and send it to your teacher.


Story time : Click the link to listen to ‘African Adventure’ .