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Good morning everyone! Today's home learning challenge is to do some research around our toy topic. 


Remember to stay fit and healthy by doing your PE session with Joe

Click the link below to do your phonics lesson:


Read on to find out all about today's home learning challenge. 


1. Write a sentence and draw a picture for your home learning diary.


2. Last week, we got to find out all about your favourite toys. This week, we would like you to ask a grown up what their favourite toy was when they were younger. Perhaps you could even phone a grandparent and ask them! Once you have found out what their favourite toy was, we would like you to write a sentence about it. Extension: draw and label a picture to go with your sentence.


3. Click the link to have a look at the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection of old toys. My favourite one is Count Duckula!


4. If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at completing it.

5.Remember to send us photos of your work or anything else you get up to during your home learning day. We love seeing all of the amazing learning that you are doing at home!